Careers at the Intersection of Education & Technology (feat. Erin Rose Glass, Barbara Hubert, & Maria Janelli)

Alumni Aloud Episode 72

Alumni Aloud Episode 72This is a special edition of Alumni Aloud. This conversation was recorded in May 2021 as part of a virtual panel event. Our three panelists—Erin Rose Glass (PhD English), Barbara Hubert (PhD Urban Education), and Maria Janelli (PhD Educational Psychology)—are all alums of the Graduate Center. At the time of this recording, Erin was Senior Developer Educator at DigitalOcean, Barbara was Director of Professional Learning at BrainPOP, and Maria was Senior Manager of Online Teacher Education Programs at the American Museum of Natural History.

In this episode of Alumni Aloud, the panelists share their experiences from the EdTech world. During our conversation, they touch upon the value of a graduate degree in both nonprofit and for-profit companies, as well as the importance of fostering interpersonal relationships.

This episode’s interview was conducted by Joseph Paul Hill. The music is “Corporate (Success)” by Scott Holmes.


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