Negotiating Blog Series

By Misty Crooks

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A job offer is the culmination of the challenging work and long hours of getting a graduate degree. It should be celebrated and seen as an opportunity to position yourself for a successful and fulfilling career. Negotiating your offer is an important part of this process. At the same time, negotiation is a new experience for many job seekers and can feel intimidating. Rest assured that negotiating is an accepted part of the path to employment. Most hiring managers and employers expect that job candidates will negotiate to get the best offer possible. Negotiating also ensures that you are fairly compensated based on the current conditions of the job market, sets you up for future lucrative career moves, and allows you to obtain rewarding work conditions.

Learning how to negotiate is the first step. The right mindset, strategies, and communication style allow you to advocate for yourself while maintaining a positive relationship with a new employer. The Office of Career Planning and Professional Development has resources to assist you in navigating this process. Our blog series on negotiation covers ways to understand your worth in the job market so you are ready to negotiate when you receive an offer. We also explain strategies for negotiating at different points in the hiring process as well as the ins and outs of negotiating in the alt-ac and academic markets.

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Looking for more information on negotiations? Check out our webinar on negotiating or schedule an appointment with a career advisor for personalized assistance.