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Conversations in Public Interest Technology: Evan Misshula

Date & Time
Monday, April 29, 2024
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm ET

Virtual Zoom Event

Public interest technology (PIT) refers to the study and application of technology expertise to advance the public interest, generate public benefits, and promote the public good. Join us to hear from GC Criminal Justice alumnus Evan Misshula, who is currently the Director of Data Integration for the Fortune Society. He has worked in IT on supervised release in the Bronx since before his organization had operational control including porting both clients and data from the previous provider. Supervised release is an alternative to pre-trial detention on Rikers Island for people too poor to afford cash bail. The Fortune Society offers a full range of services to clients including substance abuse counselling, employment services and where appropriate supportive housing. Its motto is “Building People, not Prisons.”

This event is made possible through support from the Public Interest Technology University Network Challenge Fund, a project under the aegis of the New Venture Fund. Generous backing from esteemed entities like the Ford Foundation, Hewlett Foundation, Mastercard Impact Fund via Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth, Schmidt Futures, and The Siegel Family Endowment fuels the Public Interest Technology University Network’s challenge as well as career fair grants. 

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