Psychology in Educational Media (feat. Mariana Díaz-Wionczek)

Alumni Aloud Episode 41

Alumni Aloud Episode 41Mariana Díaz-Wionczek earned her PhD from the psychology program at the Graduate Center. She is Principal at MDW Consulting & Research, a consulting firm for children’s educational media and technology.

In this episode of Alumni Aloud, Mariana tells us about her entrance into the field of children’s “edutainment.” She talks to us about her career path, being open to unexpected opportunities, her feelings about imposter syndrome, and the importance of paying it forward.

This episode’s interview was conducted by Kelly Cotton. The music is “Corporate (Success)” by Scott Holmes.

This podcast episode was produced by a Graduate Center student who participated in an Alumni Aloud fellowship offered through the Office of Career Planning & Professional Development. This programming was sponsored by the CUNY Central Office Career Success – Workforce Development Initiative.


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