Careers in Research at Nonprofits (feat. Samuel T. Frank, Eli Lansey, & Laura Ricciardi)

Alumni Aloud Episode 55

Alumni Aloud Episode 55This is a special edition of Alumni Aloud that was recorded live at our Careers in Research at Nonprofits panel in October 2019. Two of our panelists, Samuel T. Frank (PhD Earth & Environmental Sciences) and Eli Lansey (PhD Physics), are alumni of the Graduate Center. Our third panelist, Laura Ricciardi (PhD Applied Developmental Psychology), is a graduate of Fordham University. At the time of this recording, Samuel was a climate curriculum researcher at the Billion Oyster Project, Eli was a researcher at Riverside Research, and Laura was a research associate at Metis Associates.

In this episode of Alumni Aloud, the panelists talk about their experiences in the nonprofit world and what sets nonprofit work apart from industry and academia. They also touch upon the different types of application materials (e.g., writing samples, technical talks) required for nonprofit research jobs, as well as the importance of translating technical, scientific reports into understandable and relatable content.

This episode’s interview was conducted by Abbie Turner. The music is “Corporate (Success)” by Scott Holmes.


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