English in Digital Learning and Strategy (feat. Mike Pino)

Alumni Aloud Episode 24

Alumni Aloud Episode 24Mike Pino is the global learning partner for Cognizant, a fortune-200 IT services and business process outsourcing company based in New Jersey. He’s responsible for setting the learning curriculum for 40,000 employees who work in data analytics, artificial intelligence, programming, and digital engineering that keeps them up-to-date with today’s digital trends.

Mike earned his PhD in English from the Graduate Center in 2004. In this episode, Mike tells us about and the importance of pursuing learning outside your PhD discipline, the breakthrough insights you can gain by applying your academic interests and training in business contexts, and the importance of conveying your value to companies in ways they can understand and appreciate.

This episode’s interview was conducted by Anders Wallace. The music is “Corporate (Success)” by Scott Holmes.


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