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Society for Neuroscience

Career Resources

  • Job boardSFN
  • Neuronline
    Resources to expand your skillset, build your network, and learn new perspectives
  • Career profiles
    150+ including ‘My Journey from synapse to circuit to behavior’, ‘How I started a nonprofit by finding others who share my passion’, ‘Insights to make smart career transitions’, ‘Surviving as a minority scientist in a majority world’, ‘How and why to balance basic and clinical training’ and more
  • Neurobiology of Disease workshops
  • Responsible conduct of research short courses
    Power dynamics in academia, neuroethics, public engagement, record keeping, data management, optimizing experimental design
  • Scientific short courses
    Topics such as sex differences in the brain, functional, structural, & molecular imaging, intersection between brain & immune system, neuroinformatics, using single cell genomics
  • Webinars
    100+ in library including statistical applications in neuroscience, experimental design to minimize systemic biases, enhancing rigor and transparency, how to thrive as a woman in neuroscience, translating basic research into therapeutics, choosing a journal and publishing papers

Professional Development

Cognitive Neuroscience Society