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Professional Societies & Resources

Digital Analytics Association


Career Development

  • Career guide for digital analysts
  • Thought Leader Conversation series
    • ABC’s of establishing credibility
    • Making big career moves in analytics
    • Career stories: decisions loved and lessons learned
  • Industry job trends & compensation report
  • Digital analyst job descriptions
  • Digital analyst self-assessment, Steps:
    • Identify your current job role
    • Assess your skills within that role
    • Review your assessment results and recommended learning resources
    • Create your personalized professional development plan
    • Explore other careers in digital analytics
  • Webinars

Professional Development

  • Short Courses (A/B testing, multivariate testing, lead scoring, segmentation, building a bridge from analytics to data science)
  • Web Analyst Certification program (3 core competencies: web analytics site optimization, measuring marketing campaigns online, creating & managing the analytical business culture)
  • DAA cookbook (replicable digital analyses that can be shared, developed, and implemented by members of the association; each is a “recipe”)
    • Implementing content grouping in Google analytics
    • Import MailChimp automations in Google data studio
    • Deep dive in creating and using variables in GTM and DTM
    • How to track keyboard shortcuts via Google tag manager
    • Digital marketing channels: tagging and strategy
    • Product upsell analysis
  • Women in Analytics (mentoring program, compensation study)

Data Science AssociationDSA

Society of Data Scientists


  • Sample datasets (categorical, classification, clustering, computer, integer, life, missing values, multivariate, real, recommender systems, regression, sequential, social, text, time series, univariate)
  • Job board