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Professional Societies & Resources

Computing Research Association


Career Development

  • CRA bulletin
  • Computing Research News (CRN) newsletter
  • Survey (enrollment, production, employment of PhD’s)
  • Report on CS enrollment surge
  • Within-CRA groups
    • Center for Evaluating the Research Pipeline (diversity initiative)
    • Status of Women in Computing Research
    • Computing Community Consortium
    • Underrepresented Minorities & Persons with Disabilities (URMD) Grad Cohort

Professional Development

  • Summit on Technology and Jobs (slides can be downloaded)-
    • Technology, jobs, and wages
    • The coming transformation of the retail industry
    • Autonomous-vehicle technology
    • Preparing for the future of AI
    • Technology and labor: the urban/rural divide
  • Biennual Career Mentoring Workshop (sessions include: planning your research career, networking, teaching & mentoring students, preparing a tenure package, work-life balance, advice from early-career professionals, writing grant proposals)
  • URMD workshop (for underrepresented minorities)
    • Sessions include: finding a research topic, industry vs academic positions, Master’s vs PhD, verbal communication skills, overcoming cultural barriers, financing grad school, entrepreneurship
  • Other helpful links

Association for Computing Machinery

  • ACMJob board (categories: hardware, emerging technologies, network & IT, mobile & wireless, education & research, AI, content management & security, programming & applications, human-computer interaction, operations, etc.)

Career Development

  • Careers blog
    • Ex-Googler Kiarash Asar on optimizing for passion
    • Getting the CS job you deserve
    • Academic job search: how to prepare key documents
    • The academic job search: the job talk, interviewing
    • When communication trumps coding
    • How to get hired at a startup as a software developer
  • Interviews with leading professionals
    • Avi Loeb, Director of Harvard’s Black Hole Initiative & Harvard Institute for Theory and Computation
    • Robert Cohen, Economic Strategy Institute
    • Mike Tamir, Head Data Science, Uber AGT
    • Naomi Lee, Executive Editor, Digital at the Lancet
    • Pedro Domingos, Top AI professor, University of Washington
    • Irakli Beridze, Head of the United Nations Centre for Intelligence and Robotics
  • Resource portal for graduating students
  • Communications of the ACM: flagship publication of ACM
  • ACM Queue: magazine written by and for practitioners
  • Podcast Series (focused on computing across disciplines)
    • Computing and environmental science
    • Smart and connected health
    • Anthropology and high-performance Computing
    • Computing and neuroscience

Professional Development

  • XRDS Crosswords (ACM magazine for students)
    • Events listing
    • Blogs on topics such as:
      • How to write a research poster
      • How to learn programming languages
      • How to deal with stress as a PhD student
      • In praise of soft skills
  • Digital library (repository of resources)
    • Can search by subfield (e.g., human computer interactions, AI/ML, security & privacy, information systems, software engineering, graphics & computer design, etc.)
  • Communications of the ACM
  • Learning center
    • Safari Learning platform (over 50,000 total learning artifacts): topics include communication technology, databases, digital media, DIY & hardware, enterprise business applications, entrepreneurship, game development, operating systems & server applications, programming languages, project management, software development, web development
    • Elsevier ScienceDirect (over 1,200 online books) topics include AI, computational theory, computer graphics, computer networks, applications, computer vision and pattern recognition, hardware and architecture, human-computer interaction, information systems signal processing, software
    • Skillsoft Learning Collections (1,750+ online courses, 4,800+ eBooks, 30,000 short videos): topics include business skills, cloud computing, cybersecurity, graphics and design, software design and development, systems programming,
      • Vendor certification training: (ISC)2, Amazon, BCS (ISTQB), C++, Cisco, CompTIA, ISACA, ITIL, Linux, Microsoft, Oracle, Prince2, Project Management, RedHat, SAS, VMware, TOGAF
    • Other member benefits
      • Access to Teradata University Network
      • Access to ITPro upgrade (15,000+ books)
      • Stevens Institute of Technology (discounts)
      • Dell EMC certification exams (discounts)
      • NYU Tandon online (discounts)
  • Webinars & TechTalks (topics such as–)
    • The Bayesian zig zag: developing probabilistic models using grid methods and MCMC
    • Designing an ML minded product and a product minded ML system
    • Concurrent object oriented programming
    • Explainable machine learning models
    • Project Jupyter: from computational notebooks to large scale data science with sensitive data
  • Summer School on Data Science
  • Ubiquity’s Communication Center (to help improve writing and speaking skills)
    • Banishing the fear of public speaking
    • How to make dull information exciting
    • First write like you speak, then write like you write
  • ACM local meetups

Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Computer Society

  • Job boardIEEE
  • Digital Library (>700,000 articles)
  • Online courses (>50 courses in topics such as software engineering, big data, cloud computing, multi-core, cybersecurity, DevOps, embedded systems, IoT, wearables, security)
  • Resource center
  • Certifications (associate software developer, professional software developer, professional software engineering master)

Other Associations & Resources:CS-Can/Info-Can

Society for Industrial & Applied Mathematics
AAAIAssociation for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence