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Professional Societies & Resources

American Chemical Society

Career Development GuidesACS

Professional Development Guides

Magazine: Graduate & Postdoctoral Chemist (sample articles below)

  • Maintaining your mental health
  • Setting goals that increase success
  • What I wish I knew before starting my PhD in Chemistry
  • Championing science outreach
  • From grad student to young professional: Tips for conquering the transition
  • The other side of the table: An inside look at the industry hiring process

Online pre-recorded & live courses (examples below)

  • Across the spectrum: infrared spectral interpretation
  • Advanced statistical analysis
  • Innovation management
  • Chemical kinetics mechanisms
  • High performance liquid chromatography basics
  • Statistical calibration of laboratory methods
  • Solid state characterization of organic compounds
  • Effective technical writing
  • Environmental fate & hazards of chemicals
  • Regulatory toxicology for chemists

Webinars & Workshops

  • Is biodegradability a solution to plastic waste pollution in the ocean & on land?
  • Providing science & technology support to Congress
  • 200+ more in archives
  • ChemIDP, planning for your career
  • Networking: how to get started
  • Identifying a career that matches your strengths and values

Royal Society of Chemistry

  • Interest groupsRSC
    24 groups: e.g., water science, photochemistry, gas kinetics, astrophysical, electrochemistry, law, neutron scattering, surface reactivity & catalysis, etc.
  • Career development