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Looking for a Faculty Position Outside the U.S.

Why Seek a Position Outside the U.S.?

Given the tight academic job market in the United States, expanding your job search to include colleges and universities abroad might help you land more offers. Many U.S. universities are building international branch campuses (participating in what the New York Times calls “a kind of educational gold rush”), and these new schools need faculty members. Hiring processes vary by country and by field, so you might even be able to find international job postings when the searches in North America are largely finished for the year.

Where to Look for Job Listings

  • has international academic jobs listings, searchable by discipline and location
  • The extensive list of faculty and administration job postings on is also searchable by location and type
  • lists faculty jobs from around the world (not only those in the European Union)
  • EURAXESS Jobs is aimed at EU citizens, but some of the opportunities listed are open to researchers regardless of their nationality (e.g., the Marie Curie Fellowships)

Academic jobs may also be listed on general employment sites. For example, might be useful if you’d like to work in Ireland; check if you’re interested in moving to South Africa. lists a range of jobs in the Middle East that you can filter by searching by keyword (such as “faculty” + “your discipline”).

Some Other Considerations

There are a few potential risks associated with taking a position abroad temporarily. For example, leaving the country for an extended period of time can limit your opportunities to network with prominent U.S.-based scholars, and hiring committees in the United States sometimes look upon institutions in other countries as less prestigious—potentially making it harder for you to obtain a tenure-track job when you return. On the other hand, experience abroad can demonstrate to hiring committees that you will be a good mentor to international students (a plus, especially as more and more American schools are trying to attract top students from other countries). Be sure to discuss your options with your adviser and other people that you trust in your field.

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