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Exploring Career Paths: How to Find Your Professional Fit (Humanities & Social Sciences)

Date & Time
Thursday, October 15, 2020
12:00 pm - 1:30 pm ET

About this Webinar

What’s the best way to explore and research different career paths? What career options exist beyond academia?

This webinar workshop introduces the employment landscape and how you might find your fit therein as a Humanities or Social Science student. We’ll talk about what other PhD and Master’s graduates have gone on to do and how to consider which options might be right for you. Participants will have the opportunity prior to the workshop to assess their values, skills, and interests, and then during the workshop, you will learn how to apply these results to choosing various career paths. We will also discuss other career assessment tools and resources available to GC students and alumni.

This webinar workshop will include large and small group discussions via Zoom.

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Hosted by Emily Seamone

Resources: Webinar Resources for Exploring Career Paths in the Humanities & Social Sciences (docx) and Career Options Exercise (pdf)