The Value of Completing Micro-Internships & How to Find Them via Parker Dewey

By Annabella Bernard

Photo by Marten Bjork on Unsplash

The Value of Completing Micro-Internships

If it worries you that you don’t have enough experience on your resume, you can strengthen it by completing Micro-Internships such as the ones offered via Parker Dewey. Parker Dewey is a campus recruiting company that matches students and recent graduates with various employers in order to complete paid short-term projects. These Micro-Internships are mutually beneficial for interns and employers. The companies who hire have opportunities to build a talent pipeline, while students and graduates get real insight into what it’s like to work for a particular company or in a specific role.

Micro-Internships help you gain new skills and explore career paths. Parker Dewey provides access to roles for applicants from any discipline and across all industries. Sample projects include conducting research, managing social media, working with data, writing content, and more. While completing projects, you can show off the skills you have and develop professional networks that can help you well into the future. Projects take approximately five to forty hours to complete and are available year-round. While they’re not meant to replace longer internships, they’re still great opportunities to build your skillset and boost your resume. This might be particularly helpful if you’re looking to pivot into a new field.

How to Find Micro-Internships via Parker Dewey

You can create a free profile on Parker Dewey’s website and also browse some examples of popular projects. Once you create your profile, you can start checking out and applying to opportunities. Application questions often ask you to describe why you’re a good fit for the role, explain what kinds of skills you have, and confirm that you meet the basic requirements of the position. According to Parker Dewey’s CEO, you should take the process seriously and answer all questions thoughtfully.

In a recent panel discussion, three students who completed Micro-Internships shared their experiences. They found out that there were no GPA requirements to participate in the program, and that it is open to both current students and recent graduates. The hiring process is very streamlined—employers simply view your application and reach out to you if they are interested. While you are completing the projects, you will sometimes work in teams with full-time employees and always make important professional connections. Though not guaranteed, when the project ends, you may get an offer to complete a longer-term internship or a full-time position with the organization.

Parker Dewey has created a series of short videos that provides additional information about their company, explains how to set up a profile, and describes the process of completing a Micro-Internship from start to finish.