Creating an Online Portfolio

By Flannery Amdahl, revised by CP&PD staff

Creating an Online Portfolio

Photo by Galymzhan Abdugalimov on Unsplash 

Why an Online Portfolio?

Creating an online portfolio is a great way to brand yourself and publicize your research. Let’s face it, who doesn’t want more people to read what many of us spend countless hours studying? There’s even evidence to suggest that tweeting your publications can result in increased attention and readership. Posting to the journal website where your research is housed or an open source paper you have posted yourself might not pose any problems. However, you want to be cognizant of copyright laws when doing such activity.

To that end, there are several useful resources available to graduate students wanting to create an online portfolio/CV for their job hunt. Students can house their content on WordPress, provided by the GC Academic Commons (so long as you maintain a school email) or through OpenCUNY (available to both current students and alumni).

You can create as many WordPress websites as you’d like! To get started, visit You might also consider getting a personalized domain name. (Domain names typically cost $5-$10/year from various providers such as,,, and This is a shortened address that you can add to your business cards and email signatures that is, hopefully, easier to remember, and comports with your brand.

Examples of Academic Online Portfolios

We’ve compiled a list of various individual academic online portfolios/CVs. They are divided by discipline and many of those listed are from current and past Graduate Center students: