Alumni Profile: Taylor Cassidy, Analyst at the U.S. Army Research Lab (Linguistics PhD, 2014)

taylorDeciding to pursue a career outside of a traditional academic setting doesn’t mean you have to abandon the type of research you’ve learned to do in grad school. Recent GC Linguistics alum Taylor Cassidy, for instance, is now an analyst at the U.S. Army Research Laboratory, and his work there is closely related to his academic interests and expertise. Taylor recently sat down with us and spoke about his post-Grad Center career.

Taylor’s dissertation was on natural language processing and computational linguistics, and he now conducts similar research by using computers to analyze language. Taylor said that at his new job, he’s been able to apply many of the skills that he gained at the Graduate Center, including his computer programming skills and the ability to conceptualize research questions. He’s also picking up new skills (he now gets to work with robots!).

Watch the full interview here.