Biology at Johnson & Johnson (feat. Kurt Reynertson)

Alumni Aloud Episode 42

Alumni Aloud Episode 42Kurt Reynertson is a graduate of the Biology PhD Program at the Graduate Center. He is now Manager of Regulatory & Stewardship Policy at Johnson & Johnson.

In this episode of Alumni Aloud, Kurt tells us about his transition from the plant sciences program to product research. He explains how industry jobs, especially those in a large company, can complement multidisciplinary skillsets and offer a wide range of opportunities.

This episode’s interview was conducted by Camila Yattah. The music is “Corporate (Success)” by Scott Holmes.

This podcast episode was produced by a Graduate Center student who participated in an Alumni Aloud fellowship offered through the Office of Career Planning & Professional Development. This programming was sponsored by the CUNY Central Office Career Success – Workforce Development Initiative.


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