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Summer 2019 Programming

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If you have questions, please contact us at writinghelp@gc.cuny.edu.

Graduate Writing Consultations

Our graduate writing consultants are available to meet with Graduate Center students to review students’ written materials and to discuss writing-related issues. Students can bring writing from a variety of genres, including course assignments, conference and dissertation materials, and more. Consultants address questions on both the micro (e.g., sentence structure, grammar, clarity) and macro (e.g., brainstorming, organization) levels. Consultants do not “correct” or copy-edit student writing; rather, they help students learn and implement writing strategies.

Make an Appointment

All meetings are confidential. Meetings last 45 minutes. Our office is located in room 3300.10.

Current GC students can sign up for writing consultation appointments using GC Connect. Please note that students can only schedule appointments up to two weeks in advance. Appointments are limited to two per student per two-week block; this includes cancellations.

If you’d like to know more about what happens during a writing appointment, we recommend watching this short video to preview a session.

We assist with materials such as:

  • Thesis/Dissertation Proposals
  • Thesis/Dissertation Chapters
  • Graduate Coursework (e.g. presentations, bibliographies, seminar papers)
  • Conference Abstracts
  • Conference Talks
  • Personal Statements
  • Letters of Application and Interest
  • Article Manuscripts

We address issues such as:

  • “Big issues,” including
    • brainstorming ideas
    • the organization or structure of your document
    • the logic or “flow” of your ideas
    • the appropriateness of your argument for your reader
  • Narrower concerns at the paragraph or sentence levels, including
    • principles of English grammar, style, word choice, and punctuation
    • the “flow” of your sentences and sentence transitions
    • questions of clarity

Beyond our purview:

Graduate writing consultants help students learn and implement writing strategies rather than “correcting” or copy-editing student writing. Consultants direct students to their program faculty for field-specific expertise, to Career Office advisers for job-material expertise, to the Teaching and Learning Center for teaching documents, and to the library for citation questions.]

Writing Resources

Resources compiled by our graduate writing consultants can be found on our writing resources page.

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