A Resource for Creating an Online Teaching Portfolio

InterfolioThe Graduate Center has partnered with a company named Interfolio to provide online dossier services. As is now common practice, student portfolios can be placed online in an Interfolio account and accessed 24/7. The student works directly with Interfolio to establish a portfolio that can include letters of recommendation, curriculum vitae, writing samples, dissertation abstracts, teaching certifications, student evaluations, and more.

Using Interfolio’s Services

The Interfolio system accepts and stores almost any type of information. Interfolio is an excellent way to store and deliver materials to an academic search committee or for further study. Interfolio maintains robust technological safeguards to keep documents private and safe. Once you sign up and upload your documents, the process for sending out materials becomes as simple as telling Interfolio where you want to apply and when.

It is free to set up an Interfolio account to request, collect, and organize your academic documents. Interfolio only charges a fee to use their dossier delivery service.

Ready to Use Interfolio’s Delivery Service?
Request a Free Access Code

Current GC students who are ready to use Interfolio’s dossier delivery service can send an email to to request an Interfolio access code. Each unique access code will provide a user with 50 delivery credits to be used in Interfolio within one calendar year. Students are eligible to renew this service twice (50 delivery credits each year for up to three years) through the Office of Career Planning and Professional Development.

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